About Creative Closeup

Enrique Flouret founded Photoshop Roadmap 19 years ago in year 2001. Enrique is a Buenos Aires based Architect, Graphic Designer and Web Marketer that loves  finding the best resources for designers, artists and photo entusiasts.

Enrique taught Photoshop and Desktop Publishing for various companies in Argentina. Then moved into Web Design and internet Marketing for over 20 years. Now he is fully committed to this new venture The Creative Closeup Store


The primary goal of The Creative Closeup Store is to help designers, photographers, and artists with tools and assets that speed up their workflow at an affordable price.

There are an enormous amount of high quality tools and assets that are not widely known or distributed. It's our mission to find those tools, arrange a good price, and make them available to our customers.

The Creative Closeup Store focuses on quality, uniqueness and affordability.